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Counting the Cost of e-Infrastructure

The e-FISCAL project, which we are a partner of, recently launched a major survey to understand the costs of providing e-Infrastructure services. You can find the press release here. This is necessary as e-Infrastructure is funded by a complex blend of local, national and European funding, as well as subject specific or industrial funding.

Opt in/Opt out


This morning I was forwarded this link which explains that busniess social network Linkedin now uses member names and pictures in their advertising unless you opt out, which the link explains how to do.

The standards problem

On many mornings you can find me, post the first email check, sipping a coffee and having a look at a handful of more fun websites. One of these has long been XKCD - the randomly named but incredibly funny, geeky and insightful stick figure webcomic.

Today's edition made me stop and, yet again, be impressed by how often the comic nails an issue:

How not to talk to the public


'Dr' Heikkurinen on a cloudy day

If you take a look at this nice piece in HPC in the clouds about the recent 2nd Workshop on Software Services in Timisoara, Romania, you may spot Matti Heikkurinen standing at the back. His presentation at the event is also linked in the piece, where he discusses experience from the gSLM project (of which we are a partner) and how they relate to clouds.

People and their (questionable) decisions

Today we are at the BDIM 2011 workshop as part of the IEEE IM2011 conference on Integrated Management in Dublin, Ireland. We are here as part of our work with the gSLM project, bringing knowledge from the IT Service Management (ITSM) community to Grids and other federated infrastructures. 

Measuring productivity and impact

At ETL we are often working on the interface of research and the wider world, often with the task of effecting the transfer of knowledge from scientific and technical specialists to a broader audience. This process, which goes under the name of 'exploitation' in the EC funded research sphere or 'knowledge transfer' (which seems to be replacing 'technology transfer') elsewhere is a particularly complex one. Though some firms have nicely packaged processes for it, our experience is that every new situation requires a new solution. 

Pay Per Click? Part 2

This is a two part piece on the problems of internet speed and billing. Part two of this post looks into some of the implications of net neutrality and bandwidth caps. Catch up on part one here.

Pay per click? Part 1

This is a two part piece on the problems of internet speed and billing. Part one sets the scene and looks at how we got to 2011.

Welcome to the ETL blog

Welcome! This is the ETL blog, where we'll discuss a range of events and ideas relevant to our work. You can expect a post every Friday, and others when we have special news or feel the need to comment on events in the world.

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