Regaining concertation

Or more accurately eConcertation (writing this while waiting to board the flight to Brussels to participate on the 10th event as one of the FedSM representatives). Having a bit of a wistful moment thinking about the first event back in 2004 when I suddenly found being a large part of the core team responsible for organising the event. The e-Infrastructures have e-Volved quite a bit from those days.

End of the World with free services for everyone?

Some changes that might be slightly less dramatic than ones read from the Mayan calendar, but still have a bit of "tipping point" feel to them:

Conversations with your 198320 colleagues

Just noticed that the linkedin Cloud Computing group has (at the time of writing) 198320 members. The moderation process makes the "recent updates" an interesting read - most recent actual comment seems to be 9 days old, although many things have gotten "liked" since then.

I am starting to like Twitter...

An accountant, HPC guru and ICT policy expert went to Athens

...and it wasn't a start of a joke, it was just part of a fun kick-off that lead to press releases, mentions in articles and a peer-reviewed paper (or three - others still in the pipeline).

Our grandchildren may utterly fail to see humour in this...

...Ilka Chase one-liner:

Actress: "I enjoyed your book. Who wrote it for you?"
Chase: " I’m so glad you liked it. Who read it to you?"

In the series: things that will be hilarious 50 years from now...

...along the same lines as having a person waving a flag in front of your horseless carriage when going for a drive (and worrying about falling off the edge of the world):

Picked from post-holiday e-mails

EC public consultation on the preservation of the open Internet (net neutrality) was opened on the 23rd July. The date was possibly chosen so that answers will reflect the experiences during the holidays - a time when e.g. mobile data traffic shaping may result in something uncannily resembling a pear (one presumably made of precious metals, based on the price).

(re-)Thinking about what we do

During the recent retreat we did a lot of thining about what we do and where we should focus. Updating our website was essentially a tool for this reflection, and one of the sentences that resonated with me was the following:

We hate waste: products missing their markets, stories without audiences, skills left untapped

Smartshift shifts!

Ovati studios launched the Smartshift lockscreen earlier this month, and initial reviews and sales look good! Working with Ovati has definitely been one of the most multifaceted - and funniest - projects in a while, looking forward to next steps!


Swiss Mobile Basecamp - Bern, 18th Jan 2012

Managed to clear my agenda for the whole day next Wednesday to go to the Swiss Mobile Basecamp. More and more of our work seems to end up having some kind of mobile aspect (sometimes surprising one), so being able to spend a day to see the big picture through the eyes of the experts will be great!


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